Literacy a barrier to learning, what does this mean?

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MysteriousCity Thu 08-Mar-18 18:45:21

The SENCO has said Literacy is a barrier to my son's learning and cognitive work will be done to explore this.
Can anyone tell me what this means?
Are they hinting at dyslexia or something else ?

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BackforGood Thu 08-Mar-18 23:48:40

That sounds like a really strange conversation.
Did you not ask her at the time ?

I mean, as I suspect you know, 'literacy' is reading and writing, and if he is struggling with literacy development, then obviously it goes across all subject areas.
No idea what she means by "cognitive work will be done to explore this".

How old is ds ?
Is the the first conversation you've had about his needs ?

EeAicheCeePee Fri 09-Mar-18 06:23:03

Cognitive means learning.

It just means that as the curriculum is heavily dependent on literacy in all subjects, if literacy is weak they that is a potential barrier to accessing the content.

MysteriousCity Fri 09-Mar-18 06:47:50

It was sent in a email but it's so hard to get hold of the SENCO and she doesn't always respond to emails or messages to phone back so it could be weeks before I know what she meant by that.

Son has been under special needs for ages and finally been seen by a educational psychologist and the cognitive work was in reference to the EP exploring what problems he has but I'm wondering what it meant.

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OneInEight Fri 09-Mar-18 06:49:29

I would take it as if you can't read the questions you will not do well in a maths test no matter if you are great at maths. I am not a teacher though.

Allthewaves Fri 09-Mar-18 21:35:00

Well I take it as he can't read or struggles to read and understand text this will impact on his ability to learn/access a standard curriculum.

Ds2 is reading well below age level and stuggles to write and his statement it's part of why he needs curriculum changed to meet his needs

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