Private psychiatrist recommendations please, London

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Cityseagull Sun 04-Mar-18 09:13:39

DD16 has just been discharged from CAMHS very much against our wishes. She has ASD, selective mutism and very high anxiety. We asked for her to be taken off her antipsychotic medication last summer as she seemed very sedated. Indeed she is a lot more engaged with life but her anxiety has increased. The idea was to establish a baseline for how she was without medication and then review. All involved in her care thought that she was still extremely likely to need something.

Anyway, as she is not taking medication, CAMHS in their great wisdom have taken the opportunity to discharge her. So she (and we) have been left completely without support. And two weeks later things are deteriorating and we think she needs to see someone urgently! She is taking a couple of GCSE's this summer and is increasingly anxious about this. We can go back to our GP and ask to be re-referred but have no idea of how long she would have to wait and quite honestly I don't feel we can trust them.

So was looking into the possibility of seeing a private psychiatrist to speed the process up but don't know where to start looking. Any advice, or recommendations in the London area would be very gratefully received!

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livpotter Sun 04-Mar-18 18:50:34

We went to see Anya Kaushik at the Child and Family Practice in London when my ds had his multi-disciplinary review. Having said that he was only 3 when we met her so we didn't actually do any therapy with her just an assessment. It might be worth looking at their site though as they have lots of different consultants The assessment was very expensive and I'm not sure what an hourly rate would be.

Sorry not a recommendation as such but I'm sure others will be on to give more suggestions.

Cityseagull Sun 04-Mar-18 20:23:26

Thanks. Will look her up. We're probably looking at prescribing medication and review but, yes, expecting it to be expensive!

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livpotter Sun 04-Mar-18 21:28:42

No problem, I hope you find someone who can help.

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