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Laptop recommendations from family fund

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Baileys123 Mon 12-Feb-18 10:53:31

My son has been awarded a laptop from family fund but the ones they have have no disk drive. Has anyone upgraded or are diskdrives a thing of the past smile

CaptainKirkssparetupee Mon 12-Feb-18 11:11:12

These days, with 100's of gigabytes of flash memory disk drive aren't really needed.

Baileys123 Mon 12-Feb-18 11:20:17

Thanks for the reply i really havent a clue about these things

HardAsSnails Mon 12-Feb-18 14:12:15

What would you use it for? There's no longer a need to install software by disc, most data transfer is done by memory stick, so all that's left really is playing DVDs. If DVDs are used a lot then it's worth having a disc drive but there's little use beyond that.

LiefievdM Mon 12-Feb-18 20:03:33

Agreed, optical drives are only usedul these days for playing dvds. If you need it for that, then you can buy an external optical drive that plugs in via usb. Otherwise, like PPs said, apps are downloaded and flashdrives can be used to backup data - although cloud services are also very good.

LiefievdM Mon 12-Feb-18 20:08:38

The key things to look for is:

RAM - have as much as possible - this affects laptop speed. do not go under 4GB

Memory - if you can get one with Solid State memory (usually abbreviated as SSD), then that is the ultimate, as it make boot up and opening apps/programs and files virtually instantaneous. Do not go for anything under 120GB, as apps and windows can take up huge amounts of space and leave little left for things like pics or video. But, if you plan on storing all your data online, then you can probably get away with less.
Hope that helps a bit. I would call the supplier and talk through your needs with them before you order.

Baileys123 Mon 12-Feb-18 20:15:09

Thankyou so much for all the advice smile

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