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Feel suffocated by my HFA child at times.

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Milomonster Fri 09-Feb-18 17:22:45

Ds is 7 and has HFA. I’m going through a divorce and so things are already tough. I don’t know how to help my DS - he refuses to try any new activities and will not leave my side outside of school. He is refusing to go to any camps and won’t allow anyone to take him out without crying. I have no support and his father isn’t helpful at all. I feel so depressed thinking his life is always going to be like this and I feel suffocated. I don’t have the strength to be strong all the time for him. I work FT and battle his corner with school. Has anyone got any tips on how I can get him to participate in activities? I’m dreading half- term with a week indoors.

outputgap Fri 09-Feb-18 19:58:02

He sounds really anxious. And when he relaxes he will be able to let you go more, I suspect.

You've got two things in your OP which would make anyone anxious, and so presumably, on at least one front (the divorce), things will eventually settle, and should get better, I would hope.

And you say you're fighting for him at school, which means that although he's doing a sterling job, and going in every day, which must be really hard, he isn't having a great time there. Do you think there's any hope of this getting better? If it's tough for him, does he have an EHCP?

I have a dd who cannot manage year 2. And I don't think it's unusual for our kids to fall apart as the demands of school ramp up. He's really doing well to stick it if he's really anxious at the minute.

I would see what else could be done on the school front to make his life easier, and go from there.

You have my sympathies. It's very hard to not get a break at all.

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