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Please help work out secondary school for dd just dx with dyslexia

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ErnestTheBavarian Wed 07-Feb-18 22:03:07

I posted this earlier in education and have got 0 replies. I am really worried, as we have spent the last few months choosing a new school for dd, and now, just on the cusp of it all, she has been diagnosed with dyslexia. Ok, I'm hyperventilating. We are in Germany. DD, aged 9, 4th Class (last year of German primary, a mad amount of tests that all primary pupils have to endure to decide if they go to grammar, general or 'technical college' type secondary school.)

She starts secondary school in September. We have to choose in the next few weeks. We have been discussing this for months and now the diagnosis has turned verything is on its head.

She wanted to attend a language specialist school, where she would have to do German (standard) and English (also standard), then she could choose latin or French, and would 3 years later learn Spanish.

I have just been reading that foreign langauges are particularly hard for dyslexics, so this is probably not the right choice for her now.sad She is a very good at using langauge, it is definitely a real strength, very eloquent, great use of vocabulary etc, which is why she wanted to study langugaes. But she has never had to learn a new, foreign language, so no experience.

3 options
1. Favourite school, Yr 5 English, Yr 6 French or Latin, Plus Yr 8 onwards Spanish
2. Favourite school, Yr 5 English, Yr 6 French or Latin, Plus Yr 8 business studies/Law
3. Different school, possibly similar to favourite one. Yr 5 English, Yr 6 French or Latin, Plus Yr 8 Sciences & IT

I've read French is a particularly bad option for people with dyslexia? But she is not keen on the idea of Latin, Business studies, or Law.

She has never learned a foreign language, or done any sciences, or business, or law. She's 9! So on what do I base the decision?? Shit. Either way, she has to learn 2 foreign languages. Luckily for her, one of them is her mother tongue, but she hasn't been schooled in it.

So, which school, and specialism? I feel like I need to learn and understand a huge amount in a very short time.

Also, any tips on how best to help her learning/daily life/anything would be appreciated! Books/apps/even computer maybe?? I am totally in the dark here. thanks

Paleblue Sat 10-Feb-18 17:40:20

My ds is 9 and has a diagnosis of dyslexia. I would hate to be in your situation. When I need advice I phone a helpline for a charity that helps people with dyslexia. I find them very helpful. Are there any support groups or charities you can go to for advice?

HardAsSnails Sat 10-Feb-18 21:50:21

Just because many dyslexic people struggle with languages doesn't mean all do. It's the same with 'everyone' saying autistic kids are crap at English lit, not all are at all.

Following passions and interests is really important. She may or may not get her highest grades in some favourite subjects but that's fine either way.

Melawati Sun 11-Feb-18 10:31:00

I'm not familiar with the German system, but is it so inflexible that there's no chance of changing any of the choices made in Y4? So if, say, she picks option 1 now she must stay with it until age 18?

If that's the case, I would say it doesn't really matter which one you choose now. As she has no experience at all of so many of the subjects, there's an equal chance of them working out/not working out, if you see what I mean.

Choose what you feel best suits your DD now - it's important that she's happy and comfortable with her school and is interested in the curriculum. As HardAsSnails points out, not all DC with dyslexia will find the same things hard. My DD has ASD, she doesn't have the typical aptitude for science and maths, hates computing. But she loves history, English lit, psychology, Latin and is doing really well following her interests.

Good luck with your choice, I would hate to be in your position with a 9 year old. My middle DD wanted to be a dancer at 9, now at 13 and choosing GCSE options, she wants to be an engineerconfused

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