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How do you get a dyslexia assessment in Year 6?

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nickEcave Wed 07-Feb-18 14:48:00

I have thought for a couple of years that DD11 might have dyslexia as several members of my husband's family have it and, although she had no problems learning to read she has issues with spelling, focusing and organising her work. Last term she seemed to be having difficulty seeing the white board at school and after 2 separate tests the optician confirmed her vision is perfect and referred her to the GP for dyslexia testing. The GP then phoned to tell me that the referral from the optician was incorrect and we must go through the school. I met the SENCO last week who was very pleasant but basically said that the school only gets a day a month of the Educational Psychologists time and there was no way she would be getting a full assessment but they would try and get her a short appointment with the Ed Psych so they could make some recommendations to support her. Today I spoke again to the GP who said the school are wrong to refuse her the assessment as getting a proper diagnosis is important for her whole future education. Has anyone successfully got a primary school to refer for diagnostic assessment in Year 6? I really want this sorted before she goes to secondary school.

ObscuredbyFog Wed 07-Feb-18 16:08:53

The waiting lists can be very long for an NHS assessment. Find out the name of the Ed Psych, contact his secretary and see if he also does private appointments.

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