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Moving borough mid way through an EHCP application (Camden to Cambridge)

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georgiegirl Mon 05-Feb-18 09:38:39

We are just starting out with an EHCP application for my daughter (borough of Camden). I have heard that Camden are pretty good at dealing with such things. However, for employment reasons we may move to Cambridge in 6 months time. Does anyone know how this will impact the EHCP application? Our daughter is currently in the private sector in London and but our plan is for her to join a state school in Cambridge and we really really think and EHCP would be essential for this to work.

Also, any tips about how Camden or Cambridge are at dealing with EHPC would be great. Thanks

georgiegirl Thu 08-Feb-18 22:58:05

Anyone?? Would be great to hear anyone else's experience.

outputgap Thu 08-Feb-18 23:29:19

I had a very similar thread recently. The advice was to not move mid EHCP. Sorry!

Melawati Fri 09-Feb-18 18:07:22

I think I posted on that other thread. We had to move house (served section 22 notice by landlord) mid EHCP process. We were advised not to move out of the borough at this point, as the new borough would have to start the whole process from scratch, starting with our application to assess. But once the EHCP is issued, it moves with the child. The new borough/LA may seek to change things at annual review though.

How old is your DD? Will she be able to stay in the current private school with support during your application? I'm afraid our experience of applying for a DC at independent school (but not in Camden) is that it is harder to gather evidence to prove the school has put the required (notional £6k per annum) support in place and the child has still not made progress. This may mean your application to assess goes back and forth a couple of times, which will delay your application.

But even if you apply now and your request to assess is accepted immediately and everything goes smoothly, if you're definitely moving in 6 months (end of the school year?) you will run out of time to complete the plan before you move, as the 24 weeks doesn't include the summer holidays. Would you (or your DP) be able to stay in Camden with DD for a couple of months to wait for the plan to be issued?

There's no easy answer, I'm afraid. We restricted our choice of houses, stayed in borough and waited for the plan.

Ellie56 Sat 10-Feb-18 17:49:36

If you have already applied for an EHC needs assessment the LA should tell you 6 weeks after you applied if they are going to carry out the assessment. If they carry out the assessment and decide to issue a EHCP the final plan should be issued at the latest 20 weeks after you first requested the assessment.
Unfortunately many LAs don't stick to the legal deadlines. angry
As others have said best to get the plan before moving and keep on their case if they try any delaying tactics.

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