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Autism and genetic testing

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LordBuckethead Thu 01-Feb-18 08:59:30

I'm looking for advice on genetic testing, what it involves and any implications that I might not have thought about.

Both my children have autism so the paediatrician has said genetic testing is an option, but has left the decision down to me. He said they will only test one child and I need to pick which one (!).

Has anyone else had to make this decision and are happy to talk to me about it?
How likely is it that they will find something?
I'm worried of the implications for wider family, especially as my sister's child is also on the ASD pathway currently.

LordBuckethead Thu 08-Feb-18 23:33:39


coffeemachine Fri 09-Feb-18 07:11:20

we had it and it was discovered that DD has a rare chromo disorder.

genetic testing is usually only a blood test but results can take a long time to come through.

Even if they find something, chances are that nothing will change for you but you might find it useful to know. If your DC had a genetic condition, they usually test the parents to too see if it has been passed on or if it is a new issue (called de novo).

You may find this information useful in terms of family planning. Some genetic conditions come with other complications and knowing you have it gives you the option of monitoring.

But from personal experience, not much has changed for us. Usually, there is no 'cure' but I am still happy to know why DD is as she is and the chances of it happening again if we were to have another child and the likelihood for DD to pass it on would she have children.

kaz86 Fri 09-Feb-18 10:05:52

I can't help but interested, I have 2 children with asd, I have three the youngest is 2 and although compared to the others I'm not worried (first two moderate asd). I would say she could have high functioning. (However Terrible 2s and asd is difficult to distinguish at 2).

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