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Mac Major

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Graciefer Thu 26-Apr-07 11:31:15

How do you go about getting a major buggy from the local authority??

I have been passed from pillar to post on the phone each one telling me they dont deal with that and finally to the CDT via SS who are refering me for an OT visit and now they have mentioned that they are not sure that they fund for majors either ARGHHHHHH!!!

so I was hoping that you guys, who are clearly alot more knowledgeable than the people who are actually supposed to know this stuff could help me!!

mymatemax Thu 26-Apr-07 14:14:36

I think it varies form area to area, In our case I asked DS2'S OT who just requested it from wheelchair services for us.
Give wheelchair services a call & ask who usually refers in your area.

Dingle Thu 26-Apr-07 15:03:25

Disabled services- wheelchair clinic here!!!

I tried for ages to get our paed and/or pyhsio to refer, but in the end I did it myself and we saw an absolutely brilliant OT there. I was all prepared to "fight" for it, and he was so helpful and gave me lots of other advice and points of contact too!

Good luck.

sphil Thu 26-Apr-07 17:29:56

Our specialist HV got ours for us - she's connected to the CDC.

Graciefer Fri 27-Apr-07 14:08:23

well I've spoken to the CDT and they said get the school nurse to refer so that's what I,ve done
maybe I will call the CDC or my old portage worker!!

Thanks Guys!!

FioFio Fri 27-Apr-07 14:16:41

Message withdrawn

jane2004 Wed 06-Jun-07 12:31:14

hi i have a old strippy major love a newer 1 but i daredent ask should bet he is a small 12 year old

jane2004 Wed 06-Jun-07 12:32:46

does any 1 still have the old strippy 1 as i dont see any now my son is a small 12 year old

Graciefer Sat 21-Jul-07 14:51:44

Just a quick update, after phoning my old portage worker, she told me that we could possibly cut down on buracracy/waiting time by getting the school physio to refer/recommend, rather than have SS send out an OT.

So I phoned the school physio and she said this was fine, I went to the school to meet her and fill in the appropriate forms and to my total amazement (and that of the physios) I had a phone call on Friday night to say they were delivering it on Tuesday.

So from filling in the forms to accepting delivery of the buggy took approx a month or so. After being told I would probably have to wait for more than a year and then be lucky to get one at that, I am well chuffed.

Used it today for the first time properly at the Donkey Riding Saturday club and it is definately going to make life much easier.

Not sure if this was a complete fluke, for might be worth trying this method if like me you desperately need a major.

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