Autism diagnosis help?!

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Clairebella82 Sun 07-Jan-18 10:24:45

Hi all. My daughter is 9 and I think she may be on the autistic spectrum. Some of the behaviours present are spending hours playing alone, writing pages and pages of codes that only she can decipher, getting extremely stressed in certain situations to the point she hyperventilates (although this is not common), not picking up on social cues or sarcasm, she doesn't understand simple jokes and takes things literally and does not seek affection at all. She will talk monotonously about subjects she is really interested in and goes on for lengthy periods of time. She also struggles at school and despite trying really hard is always under average.

What do I do now? GP? Any help would be appreciated please!!!

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HardAsSnails Sun 07-Jan-18 13:39:15

Write a list of all your concerns. Ask school to do the same. Ask GP for referral for assessment. Learn as much as you can to help support her. Good luck flowers

There's a couple of threads on SN Chat which might be helpful.

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