Care as ASD children become adults?

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puglady2016 Sat 16-Dec-17 16:11:12

My son is almost 12 at present and has ASD and ADHD and mild/moderate learning difficulties. I think it’s doubtful he would manage as an adult without support - he is currently a weekly boarder at a specialist school. My husband and I are prepared to support however we can but equally we are conscious that he has no siblings and I am very worried about who will co ordinate his care when we can’t.

I am sure others must be in this situation - how are you going about planning god the future - where can I get help and advice?

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starpatch Tue 19-Dec-17 19:38:31

From what you say he would meet the criteria for community learning disability team often they are joint health and social care. Schools are supposed to help you plan the move to adult care (it is often called transition). That planning won't start for a couple of years. Hope that helps.

FrayedHem Wed 20-Dec-17 18:10:09

I've no experience but I remember a Guestpost on MN about transition to adult care. Here it is

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