How to talk about periods to a child with Autism

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robyntheauthor Tue 05-Dec-17 04:05:21


My name is Robyn . I have Autism and have been asked to write a book for children with Autism about periods.
I really want parents to feel comfortable giving my book to their children , I need to explain that a baby wont grow if you’ve not had sexual contact ( beacuse some girls worry they are pregnant when they’ve not had sex)
so when explaning what happens
saying if a baby doesnt start to grow ( a baby would only grow if male and female naked gentials touched ) the womb linbing breaks down and comes out of the vagina

this book is ained from aged 8/9+

do you think this language is appropiate ? How could I do it better
bearing in mind Autistic people nded litral , black and white language no youthanisms .
Thank you

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