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Not sure how to help my little girl

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popkat81 Sun 03-Dec-17 23:01:09

Does anyone have any experience with dyspraxia/dyslexia/child just generally not making progress in school. My little girl is six, so in year two at school. She is a late august baby so one of the youngest in her year. She is really struggling in school. At the most recent parents evening a few weeks ago she is now two years behind her peers. She just doesn't seem to get it at all, letters, numbers and writing. Sometimes I think she is making progress but that is rare, my feeling is that she is more capable than she seems but her confidence is so low that she just doesn't try and assumes that she's can't do. She was seen in school by I think an educational psychologist, the words dyspraxia and dyslexia were used but not to say that this was something she has. She has set targets and we have in frequent meetings to discuss them. I just feel like she is slipping further and further behind. She has different work to the other children in her class and goes over to reception several times a week to practice her phonics as school day that's the level she is at. The teacher also said the my little girl is now starting to notice that she isn't the same as the other children in her class. Further to this teacher has noticed that my little girl works better in the mornings so now she works in the morning and plays in the afternoon, I don't think this is the right things for her. Just wondered if anyone could lose had experienced anything similar and how this worked out or is working out for you. In terms of her behaviour at home we really struggle to manage her behaviourist doesn't seem to either listen or be able to take in what is being said, I'm also the mum who is shouting and losing my shit all the time and then feeling majorly guilty ... sorry for the long post

Ellie56 Tue 05-Dec-17 15:02:05

I think in your shoes I would make an appointment to see the GP and discuss all your concerns. Ask for a speech and language therapy assessment and also have her hearing checked out too.

Did you get any report from the educational psychologist who saw your daughter at school?

If you really feel your daughter is falling further and further behind ask for an EHC Needs assessment. The school can do this or you can apply yourself. Information here:

Good luck.

minipie Tue 12-Dec-17 11:01:08

How does she sleep? If her schoolwork (and behaviour?) gets worse in the afternoons I wonder if she is awake in the night, or has a more "invisible" issue like sleep apnoea, and so is very tired by then. Do you notice things getting worse in the afternoons at weekends?

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