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What to do when your 6 keeps saying he wants to die etc?

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Waitingforsleep Sun 03-Dec-17 19:40:33

What do I do? No one wants to know?
I have had to run outside and get him in after he tried to leave the house.
He says he will throw himself off the top of the stairs to die. Is preying to god to die.

luckylorca Mon 04-Dec-17 00:15:41

Hello! I assume you mean your 6 year old? Have you sat down and asked why exactly they want to die? I would then say how sad everyone would be and how much people would miss him/her etc and see if that satisfies them.

If not, I would get an emergency GP appointment (on your own) for advice, then do the same with the child's teacher to see if there is a (bullying?) problem at school. After that, you might want to try Social Services or a mental health organisation like MIND for some suggestions. It's probably all down to a silly comment from a school friend or something they have misunderstood on tv but, although rare, even young children can get depression and that needs proper treatment. Follow your instincts and get it sorted asap. Good luck! Xx

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