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Is it my fault???

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heartofhome Thu 30-Nov-17 23:56:42

My 8yo dd has dyslexia- recently diagnosed after fighting with school for 3 years🙄 have been on a real mission and been to loads of info meetings and assessments in order to address problems and bring her up to level where she should be for her in and age.
Just back today from lady who did all the testing and confirmed again her issues and the amount of work required- up until tonight I have been enthused, proactive and determined to do what I can for my lovely dd - but tonight I have just hit a wall and am feeling v sorry for myself.
I work full time and have done always taking just standard maternity leave - have good childcare structure and am home around 6pm- babysitter usually has homework done and I check and go over reading etc- I have 2 younger kids too.
It's been playing on my mind if my FT work has been a contributing factor to dd falling 1 year behind in reading and 2 yr behind in spelling?
I see all the signs with my 6yo and worry so much about her and 3 yo coming through too.
If I were at home to do homework would I have picked it up sooner? Would their work be better standard focussing better when less tired?
At moment when I get in from work, all three want attention and they all starting to get tired!
I feel so guilty😔 I love my work and love going to work- but love my children more and want the very best education that they can get- i feel like I have failed them.

AnnetteCurtains Sat 02-Dec-17 11:34:52

No it's not your fault
Stop being so hard on yourself
Being a parent can be rewarding but draining at times

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