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Statement (still) and IEP

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icecreamvan Thu 30-Nov-17 22:38:38

My son still has a statement. We're going through the process for transferring to an EHCP. He's never had an IEP.

Ipsea have just told me that he should always have had one.

We're having troubles with school and the statement is useless - its never been updated at all. There is nothing to protect my son from the things that he is now going through.

Ipsea say he must have an IEP put in place until the EHCP is done.

Is this something that legally must be done? Will the Senco be able to refuse. Denial and refusal are her usual sort of approach.

BackforGood Thu 30-Nov-17 23:37:45

Might not necessarily be called an IEP. That requirement went out with the new SEN Code of Practice in 2014. Some schools continued with that name, others found different ways of evidencing how they are addressing and reviewing targets - many on similar type plans with different names. However, yes, there should have been some plan of the targets he was working to each term, and then a review to see if he met them or not.
Do you know for certain there aren't any plans, or might it be that the school just haven't shared them with you ? (I say 'only', but that is really poor practice if they haven't).
The LA won't be able to refuse to move to an EHC, from a Statement, just because the school have not done what they should though - this is an assessment of your ds's needs, not the competency of the school.

icecreamvan Fri 01-Dec-17 23:04:38

Thank you BackforGood.

We're not happy that there have been no targets until now (I've only just discovered that there should have been).

But more importantly we need school to put some in place now. Can we insist on this? The Senco denies and refuses nearly everything - particularly if she is feeling defensive (which she will be doing here - for many reasons). She'll say he doesn't need targets now. I suppose we just go above her and complain if we're not happy.

It's all such a battle. Everything.

Allthewaves Sat 02-Dec-17 17:55:07

shocking. Education board here needs the school to have 3 iep's before ed psych is brought in for assessment.

icecreamvan Sun 03-Dec-17 22:19:25

Our ed psych has just been, so obviously not a requirement here. My son does though have a statement. ??? Just know that Senco will try to tell me that an IEP is no longer necessary as we are transferring to an EHCP. Or some other rubbish like that. We're having a dispute with the school over something that they have handled very badly. We want the IEP to help things get better. But I'm guessing she'll see it as some sort of admission that it's their fault ...

Ceto Mon 04-Dec-17 07:45:52

It doesn't necessarily matter about having an IEP provided the EHCP itself is properly detailed and specific about the help he needs. The LA should carry out a full needs assessment unless you agree that existing evidence is adequate - that should include getting things like speech and language and occupational therapy reports if they are relevant. Try to persuade the EP and any other experts to recommend detailed and specific support so that it can go into the EHCP.

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