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vickibee Thu 16-Nov-17 11:03:55

My HF ASD son (10) has been referred from school, I just wondered if anyone knew what to expect from the first meeting and what can I do to achieve the best possible outcomes for DS.?
He has severe emotional difficulties but presents as very articulate. I believe he also has PAD as he has to be in complete control of everything at all times, simple requests are met with hostility.
I have knots in my stomach at the thought of going because I know they will see charming and eloquent DS only, not the child that we see because he is ever so polite to professionals

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Bizzysocks Thu 16-Nov-17 13:43:54

They will send forms out to you and school before hand. They start with a family tree, who lives at home, family history of mental/medical needs. Then chat with you and ds separately (so take someone with you if you can't leave him alone in the waiting room) then you can tell them about your concerns and how he presents differently to professionals and the trouble you have with him with out him listening.

My ds is only 5 but they asked what things worry him? Is he sad and when? Best and worst thing about scool? Does he have friends.

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