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Just don't know what to say

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unknownuser22 Tue 07-Nov-17 10:22:08

Just that really.
DS1 being assessed for dyslexia. Now Y8.
Ds2 reports mirror that of DS1 in regards to bad handwriting, slow work, spellings his reading is excellent along with his comprehension. Like reading the same child’s report apart from attitude to learning.

DS1 was supported well and understood in primary but no body picked up on his dyslexia ( or possibility still waiting for assessment but School sure he is ) as he was quiet, born premature , always a worrier. So naturally got nurtured.

Ds2 gets told off as he’s more outgoing where DS1 would sit with head in hands ds2 has just stopped working. He’s often kept in to complete work, has been made to cry then teacher said its crocodile tears. I honestly don’t believe teacher meant to but I genuinely believe his cries where school don’t when he can’t explain why he zones out and then 5/10 minutes have passed, they just see him as not wanting to do it’s as in attitude rather than struggling.
He still writes certain letters numbers backwards.
I feel like I’m telling School but they are dismissing him as possibility, they have admitted to dyslexic traits at last and I have a senco meeting lined up but they don’t want me going down this route I can tell by their attitude towards me.
All I get is his reading age which is years ahead of his age.

But dyslexia is so different in every child. I’m dyslexic undiagnosed but senco at DS1 School went through the symptoms my DS1 shows and i tick a lot of boxes but I’ve just adapted for instance left/right etc so never noticed really!

Should I keep plugging away at DS2 school.
Im just really after a hand hold as I feel intimidated going into this meeting with no one to believe my view.

He’s automatically going under SEN next year I’ve already got my plans going into place. Just feel DS1 School take more attention of ds2 and he’s not even under those care yet.

DS1 senco said I need to Pursue it and have even offered to come to meetings/transition meetings with me. I think it’s that that’s got DS2 School back up but I can’t help that other senco leaders care about him and actually want to help.

From feedback of other Sen kids I don’t think they have a great record with Sen intervention as I’m finding out at ds2 School

Can anyone help what to ask for. I’ve googled but prefer parents opinions on the first meetings if your not believed I’m sure I’m not the first one.
Thanks for reading

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