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Good education consultant for SEN

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Greystorm Thu 02-Nov-17 20:35:07

We've lived abroad for 7 years and returning next year to (hopefully) find a better school for our DD7 ASD. It seems its not a simple task and without an EHCP state support seems pretty thin. Thinking a small private school would be a better bet but hard to find info (all the way from Chile). Considering using the Good Schools Guide consultants. Any good experiences with them or with other consultants? Or indeed a good private school with excellent SEN support in the Herts area!!

Larksrising Thu 02-Nov-17 20:49:18

A good start would be to go to the website of the local authority and to find the "Local offer" and then narrowing down to SEN offer and then to education or schools or something like that. Normally it would include a list of local private schools that are good for SEN.

On the same wesite you could also look for a link or list of school that the local authority places SEN children "out of county" or outside area etc. Normally it would include a good selection of private school.

You could also go to the National Autistic Society website NAS and search their database of schools, which will include a lot of private ones.

Another way is to go to the govenment website

and look at all schools by the local authority. Then you could sort the selection by independent schools and click and research all of them.

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