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Dd bounces all over the place!!

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Blossom4538 Wed 01-Nov-17 19:21:30

Hi all!

Just a little post but I'm sure I've posted similar before. I think I'm just a little confused and wondering whether DD's behaviour is down to social anxiety, ASD or ADHD. She is under assessment for ASD.

Basically, more and more, I'm noticing how lively and innattentive DD is when out and about in places like shops or cafes. She bounces all over the place and I have to repeat her name to get her attention - but even that doesn't work really. She talks loudly for others reaction/benefit or will say something embarrassing on purpose. In a shop today, she could not focus on what we were doing and was so hyper!

She can sit and focus at school but I wonder if she's distracted. She can sit and concentrate for short periods at home on school work, longer if it's an activity she loves.

She has sensory behaviours/struggles too.

Confused! Think I need to raise with Paed when we see her next. I'm noticing she behaves differently to others her age and isn't as calm. They also stare at her when she is lively!!

blanklook Wed 01-Nov-17 20:30:00

All the things you mention overlap. Rather than wanting a name for specific behaviours, or trying to work out which behaviour is named by which condition, try just working on interventions that are appropriate for whatever behaviour is shown at that particular time.

Just make sure the Paed is aware of all the different behaviours you've seen, take brief notes if you need to about how different your child is to their peers, parental observation is always needed flowers

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