Namimg the school - what does the panel do?

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Larksrising Mon 30-Oct-17 16:35:25

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When naming she school in EHCP we gave a list of three schools in order of preference. The LA contacted 2 mainstream schools, one didn't answer yet, there is uncertainty about a place, the other was full. I am panicking and want the LA to contact the third school, but it is a special, so it needs to go to the panel and there might be no place either.

I like this particular special school over the two mainstreams. However I am worried that going to the panel would open the flood gate for other special schools I don't like at all, with a risk of not getting a place in the desired special school.

What is the implication of that pannel? It is said to be about placement in special school in general. Can it be narrowed down to one school? Can I go back to mainstream after that or is it a point of no return?

What are the implications?

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vjg13 Thu 02-Nov-17 06:22:35

Have you had a chat with the HT of the special school to see if there is a place? It really depends on your LEA and the content of the EHCP, if choices 1&2 are mainstream they may well be approaching other MS schools to see if they can meet needs.

LEA's like the cheapest option which will always be mainstream, there is also a tendency to let a child 'fail' in MS before they consider a special school.

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