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Roztheslug Mon 30-Oct-17 11:04:56

Hello, I am a parent carer to my disabled daughter who has a brain injury. My daughter has a range of physical and mental disabilities and her behaviour can be very difficult. In the area of the country where we live there is little support or care and I have fought tooth and nail to get everything. I am completely on my own and we are very isolated, increasingly so as my daughter gets older. This also makes me very lonely. We are avoided by local families, I never realised how prejudiced people are toward disabled people, my daughter just isn't seen as worth it, she is there to be pitied but avoided. She has been through realising she wont get asked to birthday parties etc. The mums will talk to my daughter at the school gate ( but not their kids), not talk to me - I am treated as if I don't exist. This has been going on for years now and I have given up thinking it was a phase or that if I look/act friendly etc it will change. It doesn't. It doesn't help that I am a single Mum and also from a different faith group so we get a triple whammy of prejudice. I have a couple of local friends and I know from them it's a very socially competitive. My DD and I end up spending a lot of time on our own and I put a lot of effort into finding activities and venues that suit my DD. It's exhausting. I get no input into myself at all, nothing positive and life affirming, I have to be completely self sufficient all the time. If you are reading this please do not advise me to get an some sort of assessment, in my region there isn't anything ( it's probably one of the most deprived areas of the UK for disabled children and their carers), no, I can't just move house either. Neither are there any charities active that are suitable. It would just be nice if someone cared about us as if we were normal people.

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pannetone Tue 31-Oct-17 08:44:54

flowers sorry things are tough for you and your DD and that you feel so isolated.

My only suggestion would be to think about starting your own group - if there are local charities maybe they would help set one up if you explain the need.

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