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Is it ADHD too ? Worth getting an assessment

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notgivingin789 Mon 30-Oct-17 00:26:17

Hey everyone !

Have been concerned with DS behaviours for a few years now..have always pointed his behaviours towards Autism or the fact his sensory seeking. But I'm wondering if there's something else going on.

DS (7) went to a party a couple of days ago and like always, he gets over- excited. Running around, not being able to calm down, Stims are through the roof, laughing..etc etc. It's difficult to get through to him whilst his like this.

DS has ALWAYS been like this, whenever it comes to parties or friends/families visiting us in our home. In other words, he mainly acts this way during group situations. Though I have always attributed this to his sensory needs and not knowing how to act appropriately in certain situations (ASD).

Another concern of mine, which I think may be ADHD related is his need to get up and move round our flat. He is unable to sit down for long periods..unless his watching his favourite TV programmes, eating, or playing with something. Plus he can become impulsive and is impatient with certain things !

I also know when he is about to become over- excited...sort of like an on and off switch. He becomes cheekier, starts rough-playing with me, squeezes me, laughing and being giddy. Once he get's like this, I squeeze him or he goes on the trampoline...which helps him calm down.

There are other things he does which may not suggest ADHD. He is able to concentrate for long periods in 1:1 situations...homework..doing an engaging activity. Able to remain in a calm state when out and about, supermarkets - going food/ clothes shopping, waiting and sitting in the Dr's or Dentist surgery. To be honest, being out and about helps calm DS.

School have mentioned to me that he is able to sit down and participate in groups/ activities. But he goes through periods of needing some sort of stimulation and sensory diets seem to be helping giving him that sensory feedback.

All in all, is it worth seeking an ADHD assessment ? Can anyone with a child with both ASD and ADHD explain how their DC's behaviours presented ?

Thank you !

Allthewaves Mon 30-Oct-17 07:51:13

I have one with just adhd and another child with asd who is waiting for adhd assessment. My asd child was flagged because he is unable to focus and concentrate at school even with 1:1 support. He struggles in group situations, shouts out and finds very hard to wait for turns. He isn't hyperactive like his brother but very inattentive and impulsive. Basically anything he finds boring, like homework is a struggle to get him to do.

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