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Initial paediatric assessment

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EmmaMY Wed 25-Oct-17 15:26:50

Hi, we have our first appointment for possibly asbergera assessment with an paediatrician in a few days for my son who is 7 year old. I’ve been contemplating what to tell him about where we are going. Was thinking to say that it is a routine check up and everyone has one!?!

What did you tell your child about where you were going?

Thanks in advance!

emmachan Wed 25-Oct-17 19:17:01

we have the same for our daughter soon. I really wish I'd told her everyone had one!!

I told her it's to help make school better as she has real issues with noise there, but this sent her into a mega panic. Am hoping I can get her comfortable with the idea in time confused

VinIsGroot Thu 26-Oct-17 16:20:54

We looked at the NHS website with DS was 8 at the time. He has HF Autism which is what they may diagnosis. Aspergers is not really used now as a dx.
We bought him books about autism which explains in a basic way for children. We asked if some of the kids sounded like him.
Told him he'd just play and talk to the Dr... We know our Paediatrician well so we call him by his name rather than that raises anxiety easily.
My DS is used to hospitals as we have a severly disabled DS with severe autism as part of his diagnosis.
We are open and honest with DS and we've found that worked well.
Always reassured ..nothing has changed are still you and wonderful but we really want school to be wonderful and calm for him do that's why we were asking the Dr!
Best of luck !

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