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A few EHCP questions.

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ofcoursehesthefuckingfarmer Thu 12-Oct-17 16:16:12

DS (10) was awarded an EHCP in the summer.
He has 27.25 hours of support a week stated which school are using as a 1-1 so he can be outside the classroom as he struggles in it with his sensory issues.
Academically he is achieving but has anxiety, sensory issues and went through a stage of school refusal though he's now attending full time due to the level of support he has.

My main concern is the LA will now say he's coping and attending school and will remove the plan at review. Can this happen?
Also he goes to secondary in September and I've been told he won't get a TA. I don't know how he'll manage in a busy classroom with all the noise and challenges that will bring.
I understand they have to review his plan and reissue by February. Do they get more professional reports for this? He's only seen the Ed Psych at home as by the time they got involved he wasn't attending school at all. Obviously he was a lot different at home than he is when at school.

I'm happy things have calmed down for him but terrified they'll say he's coping and remove the support.

ofcoursehesthefuckingfarmer Thu 12-Oct-17 21:28:34


amunt Thu 12-Oct-17 22:56:51

Maybe you could ask his current support to fill out a feedback sheet for a week. Something that would show the current required input. E.g. a description of the number of times support was required in a day and for what.

They can't just say he won't get a TA, it must depend on his needs. Make it clear that you will appeal if the plan going into secondary school is clearly not going to meet those needs.

Hopefully other posters will be able to help more.

tartanterror Fri 13-Oct-17 23:04:04

There is masses of evidence that transition to secondary school is a key time that ASD kids need extra support. I think you would have good grounds for appeal if your LA started talking about withdrawing his EHCP at this point.

Presumably this review meeting is actually the beginning of your secondary transfer application. EHCP holders don't apply via CAF. The February date is presumably the date by which the LA have to organised/finalised his secondary school placement?

If you haven't already, get out there and visit ALL local schools (and some that aren't local). Include private schools such as those run by the NAS with specialist provision for ASD. Work out which school will best fit your DS. Speak to the SENCOs to get a feel for how well he would be supported (or not). WIth the right school and set up he may not need 1-2-1.....Match up the needs identified in the EP report with the provision at the schools you have seen. Show which schools will meet his needs and which don't. Use this to argue your case for the school you want - and why you don't want the cheaper one that the LA might try to get you to take.

The fact he has been out of school already and you have concerns about sensory issues, says to me you want to look for a specialist placement with small class numbers. My friends secured places for their kids at schools like this when they couldn't cope at all in mainstream and they are doing really well now after a long rocky road. GCSEs are back on the cards. They've told me not to settle for a basic placement if it will not suit - you have lots of evidence that your son needs extra help so get stuck in an make sure you get him a good placement. Good luck!

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