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4 year old development delay

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Lotsofqueries Wed 11-Oct-17 22:40:35

My son was delayed sitting up, walking, talking, everything.
He's just started school and they place him about a year and half behind.
I've been to the health visitor, doctor, the process to get him a paediatric assessment and now I'm just waiting.
In the meantime the school are referring him to a speech and language therapist and he has an IEP.
But what could be wrong with him?
He loves playing and socialises well despite not being able to communicate as well as other children. He hates noise and small dark places. He's out of nappies but we have daily accidents. He eats well. Sleeps well. Gets very scared of new things and starting school was tough.
I can't understand it?

Tissie Fri 13-Oct-17 22:21:03

global developmental delay often cannot be tracked down to a cause. If he is only 18th months behind then he stands a good chance of "catching up". If he has communication difficulties which a speech and language assessment will find out this will be hindering his developement. Without adequate language, understanding and speaking, the world is a very scary place to a child just starting school. I do voluntary work with children with language difficulties and it can make a huge difference to them. Hopefully you will get a profile of his learning difficulties and support for him. If I can be of any further help then pm me.

KindraLamb Tue 17-Oct-17 14:35:23

Don't stress on it too much. I used to worry about these things with my son. He was diagnosed with ASD earlier this year (hyperactivity, inattentiveness, impulsivity) and that's when I understood how he "is".

There is nothing "wrong" with them. It's just that they're unique and require our understanding, care, support and love.

my son had a speech therapist since he was delay 14 months according to his assessment. after two months, the speech therapist said - no need to push on.

i stopped him with educ therapy just two weeks ago and got him a regular daily tutor

but he is still ongoing with the OT which i believe is the most important of them all

hope i have given you something.. anything. have a great day!

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