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Signs of autism

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falloutpony Wed 11-Oct-17 16:59:50

So, my little girl is 5yo. I have been told by family they think she is different to other kids. I wouldn't know as she's my first and I've never really been around kids before. So I looked into autism and she seems to have quite a few traits. But some of her unusal behaviour includes... when she greats someone she runs right up to their face and just stands in their personal space and stares at them.
No matter how many times I've told her to stop talking to strangers she will try to run over and hug people.
She HATES loud noises, puts her fingers in her ears and cries if anyone shouts. Picked her up from after school club yesterday and she had been crying for an hour straight and they couldn't figure out why but she told me the teacher had shouted and "it hurt her ears and feelings".
She believes EVERYTHING she is told, she got extremely upset the other day because her teacher jokingly said to her shed have to come down for dinner and meet her kids. Any time I joke she tells me "AHH I ALWAYS TELL YOU I DON'T LIKE LIARS!!".
She can't follow simple instructions, I've given up sending her to get anything because no matter how many times you explain the direct location in its simplest form she can't find it. She was delayed with her speech but has got better. She's more likely to stay with the teachers than other kids. On a daily basis she will get frustrated and can't deal with it. She also doesn't understand how to explain it even though I keep telling her it's frustration she just shouts "I HATE MY FEELINGS! MY FEELINGS ARE MAKING ME MAD!! MY FINGERS FEEL FUNNY!" and will then bite her own fingers. Also, I don't know if this is your basic child trait but she will watch the same dvd time and time again unless I put something else on without telling her.

Are these some things I should take her to the GP about?

falloutpony Wed 11-Oct-17 17:01:35

She also has unbelievable meltdowns over little things like having to put her toys in the box for 5 mins whilst we have dinner or because she can't have a toy from the shop or because we have to go to the shop.

falloutpony Wed 11-Oct-17 17:08:46

She also used to go to swim class but wasn't able to stay in group as she was too disruptive. It seemed to me like she was getting bored waiting for it to be her turn to swim again so she would play around to entertain herself. She had a second swim instructor in for 1 2 1 but he couldn't get her to listen however the swim school owner who usually does lessons 121 for kids with special needs had her listening and doing well.

TalkingSheds Wed 11-Oct-17 18:08:06

It will do no harm for you to go and see the gp with your concerns. Take everything you have written down and go from there.

Imaginosity Wed 11-Oct-17 21:41:45

I think it would be worth getting her checked out - a few things you mention remind me if my son who has autism. Getting a diagnosis was great for my son as he got a lot of help - he is now doing very well in school, with adjustments made for him

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