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SALT score 4th Centile

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Bazzinga Thu 05-Oct-17 10:23:12

Hi. DD age 4.5 with ASD Just received this scoring on Monday. She has what I thought was a lot of speech and good vocabulary. I think I large part is low comprehension. Eg a picture of a dog tied to a lamp post and she said he’s all tangled up in string. Also uses incorrect pronouns regularly
I’m starting Hanen More than words next week and have been referee for Hanen Talkabilty.
Apart from reading books I’m struggling as she gets overloaded and tells me to stop talking blush She is waiting for a Hyperaccusis assessment too.

And ideas? Would it be worth getting a private SALT?

zzzzz Thu 05-Oct-17 11:26:12

Ds was below the 1 percentile and at 12 talks quite well (not like other 12 year olds but he can do all the pronouns, past, present etc and make himself understood). 4 is still very little to be overcoming both ASD and language deficits.
I wouldn’t do private salt because I don’t think it helps that much. Do you have an iPad? If you do there’s an app called Language Builder which seemed to really help ds. We used it slightly differently to how it was supposed to be used. It gives you a random picture, and I would ask ds to describe it, and ask questions to help him, it records what you say, then plays back before you do the next one. You can save the recordings. The process seemed to help ds form better sentences and use better grammar.
Buddy bear apps are more focused teaching above below etc

Bazzinga Thu 05-Oct-17 11:56:04

Thank you! That’s amazing progress from your DS!
Yes still very young. I think I was a bit shocked, her speech has really come on so I thought she’d be higher.
Can’t really afford SALT, clutching at straws I suppose.
I’ll check out those apps thank you!!

zzzzz Thu 05-Oct-17 12:13:28

Language For Thinking is a book with exercises and monitoring stuff which was quite good (but about £40). You work through a series exercises, score them etc. Ds used it for a bit (till we gave it to school and his TA made him hate it). It might keep you calm to see the progress iykwim.

How is she doing with Maths and Reading? For our children showing they can learn is really important or people assume intellect is in line with language.

notgivingin789 Thu 05-Oct-17 12:27:43

A speech therapist named Laura Mize has a fantastic website which gives parents tips on how to help their child with speech, language and communication needs. She also has advice on how to enhance comprehension skills in young children.

Hope that helps !

notgivingin789 Thu 05-Oct-17 12:30:49

How is she doing with Maths and Reading? For our children showing they can learn is really important or people assume intellect is in line with language

Ooh yes I agree ! DS is proud that he can now read (age 7). We were discouraged to teach DS to read (depends if the child is showing an interest, DS did) and it was a huge mistake.

Bazzinga Thu 05-Oct-17 14:21:56

She was deferred for a year so still In nursery.

She’s been counting and doing colours etc from a very young age.

Was showing no interest in writing until I got a phonics app, she’s enjoying tracing the letters. So I caved and got her a kindle and she’s picking up some of the games very quickly, seems to be good at memory games.

Her speech is heavily scripted, she seems to have a large bank of stock phrases if you know what I mean.

Memorises books from me reading them then ‘reads’ them to herself.

She hates being led in an activity, very much on her own agenda...

currently at risk of her being educated by apps though! confused

Bazzinga Thu 05-Oct-17 14:34:07

The Language for thinking book looks excellent thank you! May credit card it till the next DLA whilst I’m feeling fired up!!!

zzzzz Thu 05-Oct-17 14:34:38

Educated by apps is fine, and FAR better than not being educated at all. I wish I had realised earlier that it’s getting the knowledge IN that matters not how it gets there.

Reading apps
Pocket phonics
Montessori intro to letters numbers (there’s another too but I can’t remember what its called, by montessorium.
Montessori @ home reading games when she can read will keep her practicing.

Ladybird ets do early reading books based on cartoons. Eg Kungfu Panda etc and even angry birds etc.

For handwritting download scripts of her favourite dvds print in pale grey comic sans (or your pref) and give her a big juicy felt tip.

zzzzz Thu 05-Oct-17 14:36:06

Maths apps
Primary maths skills is national curriculum AND teachs all the vocabulary

Bazzinga Thu 05-Oct-17 15:43:06

notgivinin thank you. I downloaded the free E-book, very relevant to my 2 year old DS!

notgivingin789 Thu 05-Oct-17 16:39:45

That's alright OP she also has a huge bank of information, tips and videos on how to support children with Autism. Honestly, she was the only speech therapist that actually broke down what it needed to do to help DS communicate, why we should do it. She's utterly phenomenal.

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