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thefutureisours Sun 01-Oct-17 21:43:14

My 2 year old is most likely autistic, awaiting Paed appointment but everyone that has seen him so far thinks so. He isn't very interested in a lot of toys. Loves books and opening and shutting the doors on his kitchen. Will put a couple of mega blocks together but prefers to destroy towers I have built. No real interest in shape sorter (although can do it if encouraged) and will not even attempt puzzles. Am looking for ideas of things to get him for Christmas but I'm really struggling. Most of the presents he has been given so far are sitting in a wardrobe virtually unused as he has no interest. Can anyone recommend anything he might like?

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Polter Sun 01-Oct-17 22:10:47

Have a look at websites like Absorbent Minds and Spacekraft for inspiration then go mooching on Amazon and Hawkins Bazaar for cheap versions!

christinemeah Tue 23-Jul-19 05:27:49

Sensory toys are easily manipulated and often tuneful and encourage children to repeat and explore.

chicken2015 Tue 30-Jul-19 13:49:31

I was told by speech and lanauge therapist to buy cause and effect toys so anything that does something if u do something first. I brought a hippo that counts when u put these leaves in his mouth, currently £5 in Smyths Toy Shop, also them pop up 4 in a row and u press it different ways. Basiclly we have stayed in baby section of toy shops. My girl is 2 and half and these r only few she plays with , she also loves touch books so thats not my books she loves. Ive also made a sensory box with loads of different things mainly the type of toys from "pocket money sections" like furry ball, spiky ball , squidgy thing and load of teething toys as she chews on toys all the time. Hope thats helpful i really struggled with toys at start. She got loads of 2 year old toys from family she is just not intrested in. So ive decided we r not following the age anymore.

chicken2015 Tue 30-Jul-19 13:50:48

She also like musical instruments as they do something so drum shakers and loves this new xylophone we brought

chicken2015 Tue 30-Jul-19 13:51:46

Sorry just seen this is old thread and u must have brought christmas presents already! Oh well hopefully help someone else too!

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