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ohh Thu 28-Sep-17 10:27:44

Hello. My DS has been diagnosed by a Speech and Language Therapist some time ago with Visual and Auditory Processing Disorder.

He was given a recorder and visual learning aids in classroom when younger. Now he is in year 6 and was given the whole class spellings which caused melt down in our house.

It isn't that he cannot read, I think he reads well. It is more of the understanding of past and present i.e. Agreeable; Incidentally and there; their.

The school apologised and said he is now enrolled in the Nessy Intervention Program. !!! I am quite sure he was enrolled in this in Year 3. It is like they are starting all over again! Passes the first test in Year3, running along smoothly as had own spellings Year3 to 5. Now suddenly back on it. Why was it stopped in the first place...

Anyone had similar issues or any other diagnoses after Nessy? .

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Tissie Mon 02-Oct-17 22:38:33

How far did he get with Nessy in year 3? It may still be suitable. However as a secondary school senco I found Wordshark much better. It has an option for subject specific vocabulary, common sight words and a wide range of spelling patterns. It akso has a far greater range of games and activities than Nessy and reward activities. Ask your school about it. Or it can be purchased and used at home.

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