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Anyone got any experience of Verbal Dispraxia?

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colditz Fri 06-Apr-07 13:37:34

I strongly suspect ds1 has more than a touch of this, he seems to have almost every sign, except he wasn't slow to crawl! I would love to chat to anyone who has a child with Verbal Dispraxia, as the descriptions I have found look so ... medical, and it's hard to reconcile it with a little boy, iyswim

mum24boyz Fri 06-Apr-07 17:53:15

hiya colditz, i too suspect my ds3 has both verbal and physical dyspraxia, his speech has only really come on over the last 6 mths, and he is 4 yr old, even now it isnt clear, but unfortunately they are using his hypermobility to explain his clumsiness, hope someone comes along that can give you more info, but am more than willing to chat anytime you like, feel free to email or pm me if you like.

gess Fri 06-Apr-07 20:39:20

ds1 has verbal dyspraxia.

A really good website is this one (apraxia and verbal dyspraxia are the same thing). IN the UK they tend to use the Nuffied system, Nancy Kaufman's cards are a different system but easy to work with at home. I used them very successfully with ds2 when he was 2 and I thought he had verbal dyspraxia (he didn't in the end).

NHS SALTS can give you oral motor exercises- blowing out candles, licking lips, licking up 100 and 1000s from plates etc that can help.

There's a consultant at the Nuffield Speech and Hearing Centre that we saw (and I can't for the life of me remember her name) but she's probably the UK expert.

HayleyK Sun 14-Sep-08 20:06:51

Hi Gess,
Are you still checking this thread. I would love to know if you can remember the name of the UK expert in verbal dispraxia, as I just got my DS diagnosed - he's two - also hypermobile and hypotonia, though they are resolving - speech is pretty awful - would love to know who is the best expert in this area. Thanks loads for any help you can give.

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