AIBU To be Upset?

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BWN2012 Mon 18-Sep-17 10:33:31

My son has high functioning autism, he is in year 6 and has attended an after school Spanish class for almost 3 years. I emailed his tutor after the holidays to ask if my son could start again this year. She asked him to turn up that Friday so she could assess numbers, after the class she told me that she may only run one class as there wasn't much interest from the older kids. She then emailed me saying he would attend a Monday class, I was surprised not to see the usual y6 pupils when I collected him. I bumped into the mum of another year 6 pupil last week who told me that her son would be attending the 2nd class that the tutor was planning (I knew nothing about this 2nd class, she told me she would probably only run one class). The tutor has now emailed (via the school) all the parents of y5 and y6 children advertising places for her Friday Spanish class so they can be fast tracked and make quick progress for Comprehensive School. I was confused so emailed asking if my son could attend this class along with his peers. She advised that this would be a more intensive class with lots of reading and writing and he would probably be happier in the younger class and to ask what he would prefer. He has issues with his concentration but his reading and spelling are very good, he is not disruptive either. I feel really upset that my son isn't worthy of this class and feel that she has been a little bit underhand. I would have been more understanding if she had been open with me.
( I would even have attended the class to help him along.) I feel upset that he has been attending for years and then gets segregated and put with younger kids where he will stand out more. I've removed him from her class. Am I being over sensitive?

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zzzzz Mon 18-Sep-17 11:11:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BWN2012 Mon 18-Sep-17 11:46:31

Yes it is school based.
This only happened over the weekend so I'm just collecting my thoughts before I approach her. I've explained to my son that he wont be attending again and we will find a nice activity to do.
I'm just really upset about that no matter how hard he (and we) try to manage his issues the lack of tolerance from others makes things more difficult.

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BWN2012 Mon 18-Sep-17 16:51:00

Oh and thank you for your response zzzzz.

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0nlyMe Wed 20-Sep-17 08:15:26

I understand your disappointment but do you know what level he is at? Is his Spanish good enough to be in that class? It could be that although his reading/writing is good his Spanish is behind and he would actually be better suited to the younger class. If not you should ask if he can try the older class and offer to sit with him in both classes- you'll know capable he is then.
I think it's a shame your son is missing out now- 3 years is a lot of effort and time.

BWN2012 Wed 20-Sep-17 11:59:46

I've spoken with her and explained that I was upset at the attempt to steer him away from the class. I also said that I'd be willing to sit in with him to offer support so he could be with his peers. I think if we had spoken directly to each other instead of texting and emailing it could have been resolved in a better way. Lesson learnt.

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