Nursery/School vs home presentations of ASD.

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pandyandy1 Thu 31-Aug-17 22:03:43


In an absolute nutshell I have started filling in DLA forms for my son (4.9 and diagnosed Autistic) as me/my husband/my parents/his parents etc all believe that my Son requires over and above the average level of care for a child his age. (*We also have two girls 7 and 9.)

I shan't at this point list the many reasons why we feel my Son requires far more care/patience/supervision than my girls ever did at his age but I will essentially say that on Nursery's part of the form, where it says does the child need any encouragement, prompting or physical help? Nursery just checked the 'no' box and left the rest of the page blank.

I have always been aware that as my Son is constantly stimulated at Nursery and it is actually where there is lack of structure and stimulation that he shows the most traits that Nursery have never really 'seen' what we see at home however I am still puzzled by some things.

Ie my Son's ILP created by Nursey states that it is an aim to sit nicely at lunchtime as he gets easily distracted but they didn't tick the box for even prompts when eating.
They told me that they wipe my Son's bottom for him but didn't tick the toileting assistance box and whereas my Son has been under SALT since about two, they didn't even tick for encouragement with communication, even when it is dotted all over his diagnostic report that when observed in Nursery by the OT he made little attempt to initiate any interaction with other children.

I have always had a good relationship with Nursey and accepted that my Son just very much either masks in the setting, very much follows the other children or even goes sort of unnoticed in the crowd if you see what I mean but to just check the no box perplexes me.

The wiping my Son's bum and prompts and encouragement to eat up and remain at the table etc wouldn't even add any thing to the claim really as lots of young ones still need both but it would at least be honest and consistent with our part of the form. It is mainly that how can my Son who met diagnostic criteria/the Triad Of Impairments not need any help at all with communication, one of the sections that had the most writing in on my part.

I don't know. I feel so upset that I summoned the courage to tackle the mammoth form and now I feel like the Nursey workers will feel I am a fraud even when I have on many an occasion over the year given them examples of home behaviours. Will they just think we want money, which is far from the case? Are the staff just being too blaze and don't really understand what the firm is asking?

Aaarrrgggghhh my head hurts.

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pandyandy1 Thu 31-Aug-17 22:18:26

So sorry, forgot to add that I have been told verbally that his concentration at carpet time isn't very good therefore he needs reminding to listen and is better sat at the front. Is listening not receptive language a component of communication?

Really sorry again. Just tempted to rip up the damn form.

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OneInEight Fri 01-Sep-17 07:22:09

You don't have to submit the report from Nursery. So if you have evidence of difficulties e.g. communication from SALT, diagnosis letter then I would submit those reports and leave the school page blank (other than name) if you don't feel it will help your case.

Allthewaves Fri 01-Sep-17 19:41:01

I didn't get school or nursery to fill anything in. They don't have the time tbh. I just stated his issues at nursery that were related to me by the staff and included his iep's.

Also had salt, diagnosis and ed psych report

pandyandy1 Fri 01-Sep-17 20:32:22

Thank you for replies.

I was very upset last night but I have spent time today photocopying every assessment/report/letter DS has ever had (and re-reading through them) and have reminded myself that on certain paper work, ie DS's 'Diagnostic Report,' it actually states Nursery's interviewed thoughts at the time, (so January.)
Yes, on some pages Nursery's thoughts disagree with OT observations (observed IN Nursery (ironically)) ie that DS doesn't have any issue with direct eye contact, whereas OT says inconsistent eye contact BUT on certain pages Nursery say things such as 'x doesn't initiate interaction with peers and much prefers to seek out an adult for company' and 'x had an obsession with asking a specific question and asked up to 20 times day.'

I have decided now not to submit their (photocopied luckily) 'no,' this child requires nothing over and above page but to just leave the page blank and asterix in the additional information page that as my DS has left Nursey (but is yet to start school,) please see the Diagnostic Report for Nursery's contribution.

All in all my DS has been particularly challenging these past few days, which has reinforced WHY I am filling in these horrible forms therefore as an honest person I HAVE decided to submit.


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