Serious speech issues

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Msqueen33 Wed 30-Aug-17 19:23:44

I don't know what to do. My youngest is four and diagnosed with asd and ADHD. Her seven year old sister also has both conditions. She also has coeliac on top of this. My concern is her speech. It's beyond poor. She can request some things but the words themselves do not sound right at all. Like she says gor for garden like she's missing hearing some of the word. Her NHS salt who sees her an hour every month says this is normal but she's not progressing. The speech isn't coming. Hearing supposedly normal but at last test this month she has congestion in her ears. We're off to ent later next month. I'm searching for a private salt. But to be honest between her and her other sister's needs plus her nt sister and doing an ehcp I've not been as proactive. Could this be APD? I don't understand why her speech is so awful. Or why it doesn't sound right. It's like she can't hear correctly. She's not responsive to visuals and I'm not sure what I'd make them of as she only asks for certain things which she can say. I'm lost. Scared as she's off to mainstream next month and the school aren't the most supportive. Any advice would be really helpful.

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abc12345 Thu 31-Aug-17 13:43:48

Hello, my dyspraxic ds had terrible speech problems. We saw NHS salt for years but the help they provided was just not enough to make any difference.
It was only once I started taking him weekly to a private salt (1h + homework) that things really started getting better. She was v experienced and she was v knowledgeable about that was going on. She realised that the muscles in his mouth were v weak and he simply didn't have the strength to make the sounds. We started doing games with straws and blowing out candles etc for lip rounding. And tongue exercises (up/down/side/side) as well as sound work. He has made an incredible amount of progress in a few months.

During this time we did Berard auditory integration therapy (I had his ears checked twice and he had no problems with his hearing but I think he was struggling to process what he was hearing, if that makes sense)

And retained reflex therapy with Bob Allen which was amazing, not just for speach but also anxiety, behaviour, bed wetting, coordination, balance, sensory stuff and more

.... I think all of these things helped tremendously (however we did them all at the same time so who knows! Either way it worked!!)

abc12345 Thu 31-Aug-17 13:45:41

Ps. I tried to get a apd test but they said they won't do it when they are under 6 because it can be developmental

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