Noise cancelling headphones/ ear defenders for autism.

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chuffinalong Thu 03-Aug-17 21:26:14

Hi, does anyone know if noise cancelling headphones work as ear defenders when not listening to music? My 12 year old daughter is reluctant to wear ear defenders in public because of people looking at her. She would be more willing to wear headphones as they look more neuro typical.
Also, we are going on holiday to Alton Towers soon. Do you know if she'll be able to wear them on the rides?
Thank you. smile

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chuffinalong Thu 03-Aug-17 22:02:01


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Polter Thu 03-Aug-17 22:05:02

Noise cancelling headphones don't cut out as much sound as ear defenders but they definitely help. Bose are generally considered the best but I've got Sony h.ear on Bluetooth ones and they're very good, comfortable, and come in nice colours (very important obviously!).

Polter Thu 03-Aug-17 22:06:07

You can also get some more funky ear plugs or in ear noise cancelling things which might work better on rides.

chuffinalong Thu 03-Aug-17 22:15:38

Thank you, that's great.

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Goneroundthetwist Fri 04-Aug-17 20:54:28

We have the Sony ones too. They seem to be quite good. My dad often retreats under them to watch tv in the house when she has had enough. Not sure they block out noise, if there is no background noise.

Goneroundthetwist Fri 04-Aug-17 20:54:58

Dd not dad*

rupert23 Mon 14-Aug-17 21:30:21

My son has beats as he wears them all the time and would not wear ear defenders.he is 10.he wears them to restaurants .shopping pretty much everywhere .he finds them comfy .we have not tried them at theme parks.they are the headphones type as he does not like in ear ones. They are a godsend as without them he will not go to busy places as he cant cope with the noise.

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