can anyone advise me re: PIP ?

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peaksandvalleys Thu 13-Jul-17 15:25:05

ds2 has been getting DLA and now has to claim PIP . He is now 18 years old and has Aspergers syndrome and epilepsy.
I have just made the phonecall to the dwp who asked me who they could call for supporting evidence .
ds2 was under camhs a few years ago , but hasn't seen anyone for the last 3 years . He has seen the g.p a couple of times but only for his excema ! He is under a consultant at the hospital for epilepsy but other than that i don't have any recent supporting evidence for aspergers . Will this be a problem ?
My g.p did start up a parent of ASD support group a couple of years ago , after i suggested to him that it would be a good idea but it folded due to insufficient numbers ( there was only me there a few times ! )
Also , they said he will need to be assessed and i know that he will probably refuse to engage with them . What then ? will he end up with nothing ?
I am worried that when they see him they will think he is just a cheat as he just appears to be a sullen teen !
any advice would be appreciated smile

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coffeemachine Thu 13-Jul-17 16:42:53

is he in school/college? I suppose he gets help there and DWP could contact the Senco?

JustadaftProfessor Thu 13-Jul-17 17:34:13

I got a 'TWIMC' letter from my doctor which outlined what i'd been diagnosed with.

I got my college support worker to write a letter outlineing the support.

some old letters from the child phychologist stating diagnoses and stuff.

Please scrape together as much as you can because ATOS were horribly ruthless with me, to the point of tears, The assessor gave me leading questioins, told me "i'd have better luck at the job center for handouts", twisted everything i said and did things like used being able to use a toaster as proof i could cook, which isn't allowed.

Luckily i had good advice here about how to get a reconsideration and submit a formal complaint.

peaksandvalleys Thu 13-Jul-17 19:35:44

He isn't at school or college , he does manage to work 2 days a week now for someone he knows through his hobby ( i managed to persuade them to have him as a volunteer last year , now hes paid) but his boss is old fashioned , he doesn't even know he has aspergers . He just thinks hes forgetful and quirky ! ds2 didnt think he would understand or even believe such a thing existed and i had to agree .
I am quite worried about all this , he hates talking to new people and i have a feeling he will stress out and refuse to go to the assessment at all . Or he will do what he does at hospital appointments and insist that if he goes he doesn't have to speak and that i will do the talking for him .

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JustadaftProfessor Thu 13-Jul-17 19:41:13

You really need to start digging up evidence for his PIP form.

can you contact his school and see if any teachers are willing to to a brief write up on him?

JustadaftProfessor Thu 13-Jul-17 19:42:57

Is there any none family member you can ask for an overview about him from, if you phrase it as this would his boss do it?

JustadaftProfessor Thu 13-Jul-17 19:43:22

'non-family member'

peaksandvalleys Thu 13-Jul-17 19:44:52

I have the stuff that i used originally for the dla , letters from camhs and letter from hospital diagnosing epilepsy but these aren't recent .
I will go and speak to the doctor and see if he can help .
dreading it !

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JustadaftProfessor Thu 13-Jul-17 19:52:20

okay that's good, i didn't have any DLA evidence as my mum never claimed it, you having it is a bonus.

get a letter from your doctor explaining your sons diagnoses, this will confirm everything is still there and you can refer to it as a 'recent' doctors letter.

Make sure you are clear that autism doesn't vanish when you write up his form.

JustadaftProfessor Thu 13-Jul-17 19:54:02

Another thign to do is always mention how long things take (For exmaple cooking) and how much prompting your DS still needs.

peaksandvalleys Thu 13-Jul-17 20:04:57

Thankyou i will . He really lacks insight into his own condition , if he does answer their questions he will probably tell them hes fine ! what would happen if he refuses to speak to them do you think ?

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peaksandvalleys Thu 13-Jul-17 20:08:30

im also wondering , after you said a non family member , if the lady who helped me at the parents support group could write a letter . she didn't meet him but she gave me help to help him , with his behaviour etc . could that work ?

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JustadaftProfessor Thu 13-Jul-17 20:08:42

We'll, there'd be less chance of him falling for every leading question and trap, other than that I don't know. You can ask for the session to be recorded which will mean they play by the rules.

peaksandvalleys Thu 13-Jul-17 20:11:11

sounds like a good idea , what would be my reason for the recording though ? I wouldnt like to piss them off before we even start grin

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JustadaftProfessor Thu 13-Jul-17 20:17:00

You don't need to give a reason.

anything you can get is worth submitting. I submitted amazon invoices for nappies, non spill cup, soap bars to show proof I have increased need due to reliance on aids.

peaksandvalleys Thu 13-Jul-17 20:40:20

thanks . can't believe they said you'd have better luck at the job centre , that's terrible .

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JustadaftProfessor Thu 13-Jul-17 20:56:44

It was the worst experience of my life.

susanthescrounger Fri 14-Jul-17 07:42:21

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

JustadaftProfessor Fri 14-Jul-17 08:11:49

Nappies? you must stink!

And you must be the bad smell.

peaksandvalleys Fri 14-Jul-17 10:49:43

omg what is wrong with people sad

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JustadaftProfessor Fri 14-Jul-17 11:06:22

Sam troll that's been hre all week attackign different people.

JustadaftProfessor Fri 14-Jul-17 11:16:13

Strange they they deleted the original comment but not my reply though.

JustadaftProfessor Fri 14-Jul-17 14:37:18

I hope i've helped anyway peaksandvalleys previously i've linked to my PIP form so people can use it as a guideline, but sadly I'm not comfortable doing that these days for obvious reasons.

blankface Sat 15-Jul-17 17:39:26

OP, go online and search for completing a PIP form then search for the descriptors used in PIP, they are different to DLA.

If necessary, join the Benefits and Work site, they have a lot of good advice but because they help people navigate the system and provide forums etc. they do want a contribution.

KOKOagainandagain Mon 17-Jul-17 16:13:10

Jason's experience is awful smile. I think that transferring from DLA to PIP might not be as bad. DS1 transferred at 16. We had the 10 minute sign the forms as representative but No face to face interview after that. They phoned his OT (home Provision) and he has been out of school since age 14. Awarded high rate care, low rate mobility. I would challenge the mobility but he rarely leaves the house ATM. He is also entitled to ESA now. Keep on.

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