ASD daughter hitting herself.

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nancyclancy123 Wed 05-Jul-17 19:06:06

My ASD dd aged 6 has just started really hitting herself. She pulls a face just before, then really hits her head and screams out.

For the last couple of weeks she has been doing some taster sessions at her new school as she'll be moving from mainstream to a special school in September. She has appeared to cope well but I'm wondering if this behaviour is a result of the changes? Any ideas on how I can help her?

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Shedmicehugh Thu 06-Jul-17 08:52:28

Depending on her ability. When ds was self harming, he had a list of things he could do, instead of hurting himself, stuck on the wall.

And predictable as much as possible i.e. Taster days he had a timetable, we would look through each day, so he knew what was happening, when etc

Hope that's some help

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