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How does a laser quest party work?

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amunt Wed 28-Jun-17 21:50:52

6 yr old Ds (asd) has been invited to a laser tag birthday party. I'm sure he'd like it but I think his team might lose patience with him as he takes a while to work out what's going on and is quite slow to respond. I'd like to prepare him a bit about what he has to do, but I've no idea how it actually works.

Can anyone shed any light?

Melawati Wed 28-Jun-17 22:45:11

6 is quite young - at our local one the minimum age is 8. So hopefully this means it's laser tag 'lite' and will be easier for him to manage.
My NT DD loves laser tag, my ASD DD can't even go in - it's dark, noisy, people break the rules (they run!).

I would call the venue and ask them how the parties work - do they have a host helping them, could you go in with DS? My experience of it is that only very experienced players are playing tactically, most DC are just running around manically trying to shoot their mates. So I haven't seen people get annoyed at players who aren't that good, but I have seen meltdowns when they give out the score cards at the end when DC haven't done as well as they hoped they would.

Colacolaaddict Wed 28-Jun-17 23:37:47

DS has been to a couple after hours at a soft play place. They do a few different games just running amok and shooting each other basically, including one where the birthday child has infinite shots and everyone else one, so the birthday child inevitably "wins" overall and gets the main certificate. They don't seem to do a big team thing there, it's more individual scores but fairly competitive.

DS loves the idea of them but the reality is very overwhelming. We stay throughout and expect tears. To me it feels like soft play at its busiest. Last time DH was expecting to drop him off (though I thought not), but in the event he said there was no question he could leave him. Not sure what we would do at a more specialist venue.

amunt Thu 29-Jun-17 11:25:47

Thanks both, that's really informative. I also thought 6 was quite young. He doesn't mind busy so if it's just shooting the hell out of everyone I'm sure he'll have fun, but I'll stay anyway.

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