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Nevercan Mon 19-Jun-17 19:54:43

Is it possible to request a one plan from the LEA if the school Senco (headmistress) doesn't believe it is necessary? Our dd1 has been assessed and has severe dyslexia but she doesn't believe a one plan is needed. Thanks

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Ceto Tue 20-Jun-17 08:30:56

Is a one plan an EHC plan? I wish LAs would't use these silly terms.

Absolutely it's possible. The criteria for deciding whether to assess are set out in section 36(8) Children and Families Act and are very straightforward - whether the child has or may have SEN, and whether he may need special educational provision via an EHCP.

It has to be said that, if the school does not support you, it is very unlikely that the LA will agree to assess. However, you have a right to appeal and the tribunal focuses very closely on the statutory criteria.

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