Antidepressants (as a Mum of SN little one)

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Blossom4538 Fri 16-Jun-17 17:50:40

At what point did you feel you needed them....?


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Chasingmytail17 Fri 16-Jun-17 18:54:09

hmmm, it crosses my mind all the time. We are just starting ABA with 3yo and he is awaiting assessment for ASD if that gives context. However i have so far held out as I don't think i am quite at that point atm. If i get to the stage where i feel i go whole days/ or few days without an ounce of joy or fleeting positivity I will go. Although i spend much of the time stressed, worried and just tested to my limits I am still able to look forward to things, normally me time in evenings or maybe a weekend outing. I am also able to enjoy small moments throughout the day when i see the children happy or they make me laugh. I think its a balance but my DM once said it is normal to have difficult times where you feel down, and maybe even more time down than up...however the problem is when there is just no up even small ups, for days and days, or even weeks. I don't know if that makes sense but i use it to analyse myself just so i feel i will know if i need a trip to GP. Hugs to you, times are hard

Summerdaydaydreams Fri 16-Jun-17 21:27:07

I went on then 11 months after Dd birth - I was consumed with fear for my daughters future, I couldn't stop crying and I would wake up every morning around 4am full of anxiety. It took so much courage for me to speak to the gp - but it was the best thing I did. They gave me a tougher skin. If you feel you need them speak to your gp - my gp was so supportive. I have been off them for 18months now - dd is 5 - I still have down/sad days and there have been times when I have considered going back on them but at the minute there are more good days Than bad. For me they really helped. flowers

Waitingforsleep Sat 17-Jun-17 06:28:53

I went on them for a few years when Dd was around 3- came off them as I felt camhs wanted to use that against me. Unbelievable really bit true. It could help though? What's happening with your Dd as I know ours are similar... We have just been woken by screaming and shouting again!

elliejjtiny Tue 20-Jun-17 18:24:18

I was on them for PND when my eldest was 10 weeks old so nearly 11 years ago. I've been taking them since then.

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