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TarteTatinRevient Sat 10-Jun-17 20:47:57

We have recently overhauled our daughter's part-time VB programme to focus more on her main area of difficulty (auditory processing/language disorder) and to align better with what she does at the specialist SALT school that she attends in the mornings. In particular, we now have a very experienced SALT who visits every couple of months to update speech & language targets for the programme and have mini-workshops with our tutors. Essentially, we're trying to apply behavioural learning techniques and rigorous data collection to the targets and resources (visual supports, etc) suggested by the SALT.

Our current consultant, well-regarded and generally insightful though he's been, just doesn't have the availability or flexibility to deal with the issues that can arise. Hence the search for someone new...

We are after a BCBA who:
- is genuinely responsive and deals promptly with queries (some of a detailed nature);
- is flexible and not too 'precious' about control over the programme (ie, willing to work with the SALT and the - very friendly and open-minded but non-ABA - school); and
- has lots of experience of children across the spectrum, including at the higher-functioning (but still language-disordered) end.

Any SALT qualifications/background or lots of experience of working closely with SALTs a bonus. Likewise, being London-based or reasonably close (though we don't need particularly frequent visits).

Thank you in advance for any recommendations!

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