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scrabble1 Wed 07-Jun-17 09:16:00

Ds (10) is is year 6. He came home yesterday and said he found art difficult. They had been asked to paint a picture of a view they could think of if looking outside a window. He drew a lego figure. I am disappointed as we are always encouraging creativity/imagination. He has mild LD and adhd

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Polter Wed 07-Jun-17 09:28:11

I don't understand. Unless there was an actual Lego figure outside the windows he could see out of, he was using his imagination.

scrabble1 Wed 07-Jun-17 09:50:00

What I'm saying is that all the class painted a view from their imagination and he couldn't think of anything

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Polter Wed 07-Jun-17 09:57:37

But he did think of something, a Lego figure is something from his imagination.

scrabble1 Wed 07-Jun-17 10:53:43

Buy it wasn't appropriate to the lesson and he came home feeling deflated

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Polter Wed 07-Jun-17 11:03:59

Ok, so you need to help him find ways to interpret tasks like this. Ask him what else he could have done. Give him an opportunity to do the task at home. Ask school to give him more help.

Justanothersingledoutnumber Wed 07-Jun-17 11:35:31

Why are you disapointed?
He has a learning disability and needs help interpreting things like this. Help him understand.

scrabble1 Wed 07-Jun-17 14:05:54

Going to try the painting at home tonight. He seems to freeze up with these things at school and hopefully can encourage at him with no distractions

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