Cloth Training pants for 5 year olds

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deeedeee Mon 29-May-17 15:42:14

Does anyone know any where that sells nice cloth training pants for 5 year olds and up? My five year old girl is still struggling with using the loo :-(

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gigglingHyena Sun 04-Jun-17 10:37:09 sell some and I think may do as well.

motherease do some bedwetter pants for older children, although I would say they are quite bulky once you get past the toddler sizes. Not ideal for all day wear.

With my skinny one I got away with pocket nappies, just on a loose setting when potty training, she was able to pull them up and down fairly easily. With my late trainer though coordination issues meant that didn't work.

Having used cloth from newborn I think it was probably around 5 - 6 that I gave up, the bulkyness needed to be absorbent enough was becoming a bit much. They also seemed to get much stinkier after a certain age, so washing them and actually getting them dry was becoming challenging too.

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