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Asperger's and stealing & lying

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NoTimeToDillyDally Mon 29-May-17 01:42:39

I can't find strategies that will help to put a stop to it. She only steals things related to her special interest. Concerned and frustrated.
Currently trying the 'tell me when you WANT' to take something & positive praise for doing so approach. Considering asking a local police person to visit to explain implications to her. However, if she does this on impulse, I don't want her to become immune to the law.

Polter Mon 29-May-17 08:33:01

How old is she, what kind of things is she stealing and where from?

NoTimeToDillyDally Thu 01-Jun-17 05:02:00

She's 9. Small electronic things. Electronics are her special interest. She stile an iPhone from a family workshop on Monday! Before that it had been things like an iPod touch from a friend's house (in a drawer), a memory stick, a power bank, the camera part of a broken mobile phone (all from friends/ family). It's a massive magpie impulse around electronics. I've tried every strategy from explanations, consequences to calling the local police to have them come to speak to her - I'm waiting a call back. Nothing has worked. It's as if she can't put logic into the impulsive moment.

Polter Thu 01-Jun-17 07:26:52

Ok. I think I'd be upfront with anyone you visit where you can't keep an eye on her all the time, make sure nothing is in reach, be extra observant and see if it helps breaks the habit. I probably wouldn't go tough and get the police in as it could raise anxiety and make the compulsions stronger.

I would also put a call out to everyone you know for old electronics bits and pieces (we've all this stuff hiding in cupboards!) and let her have something from the box or whatever every time you go somewhere and she doesn't steal.

NoTimeToDillyDally Thu 15-Jun-17 01:02:37

Really sound advice. Thank you!!!!

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