Possible ADHD in 17 year old. Help needed!

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scortes Wed 24-May-17 04:42:06

My DS is just finishing his penultimate year at school. He has high hopes of going to a good university, but it all depends on getting good grades. He's always found it very hard to focus and get motivated, even with things that he enjoys. He's a chronic procrastinator and it all seems to be catching up with him now. He's decided that he must have ADHD and that the only way he will get through his exams is with medication. We've always believed (and he's always promised us) that he would start applying himself once things really counted - ie, he needs to get good grades for uni. It seems we and he were wrong and I'm now wondering if DS might be right - he really does seem to be incapable of focussing. I asked him what would happen if he did get tested and was told that he didn't have ADHD and his reply was "I'd hang myself". I don't know how to support him or if we should seek a diagnosis. He's rejecting all help from school. All advice would be very welcome.

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