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Don't know what to do .... advice needed

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confusedinlondon Wed 17-May-17 23:29:17

Does anyone know the best way to start the process of getting additional help and support. My child needs help with a number of things but I just don't know where to start. I read all these threads with information about people's who've managed to get their child seen by a occupational therapist, EP, etc but I don't know how to get this started.

Who should i speak to and what should i be asking?

The teacher at his school, who had raised concerns, was going to arrange a review of my son but the SEN co-ordinator was off ill and it didn't happen. The teacher has since left and been replaced with a supply teacher, who doesn't seem to know the processes.

Main problems are he is clumsy; avoids eye contact with people; seems to be in his own world, day dreaming, and he won't resond to his name, you need to shake him to snap out of it; becomes hysterical if his routine changes; has no interest in other children, would sit alone during play time.

Who do I speak to and what sort of support can I get to guide me through this process because it seems so complex. Any help, or links would be welcome.

Polter Thu 18-May-17 07:24:53

I would suggest writing down a list of all your concerns and then book a GP appointment, you can go alone, and explain that you have concerns about ds's development and would like him referred for assessment.

These Fact Files are a very good resource to help you identify concerns and things to try as well.

Good luck flowers

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