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Sharing my toilet training success story!

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MrsBobDylan Sat 13-May-17 12:25:40

My ds is 7.5, has ASD and goes to a special school. School helped him toilet train for wee's at 5 and I made the decision to take him out of nappies and just buy the cheapest pants I could find, which he poo's in then I throw them away. Until this week people...this week he came to find me on Monday to say he needed a poo and led me to the toilet. He sat down and hey presto!

I didn't dare believe it could be repeated but he's done it every day since. I am so happy I could cry!

I can't tell you why, what convinced him to try or anything remotely useful, but I know that through the grim times of being out and having to clean up a 7 year old who had sat down with a poo in his pants and not told me until I noticed, I would have been cheered by the idea that one day he might just do it all by himself.

I hope this gives some of you a bit of hope too, even though all our kids are different and will achieve different stuff, I honestly thought we had years of cleaning poop ahead.

JustAnotherSilentOldNumber Sat 13-May-17 13:12:42

well done to him and congratulations to you star star

PanannyPanoo Sat 13-May-17 14:43:06

Fantastic. What a wonderful achievement. x

Chasingmytail17 Sat 13-May-17 19:56:58

My ds is 3 and has just mastered wees. Poos however 99% in pants. I feel your joy. Congratulations smile

ConstantCraving Sat 13-May-17 22:08:59

Congratulations!! DD is also 7, has ASD and goes to specialist ASD unit. She mastered wees on the loo at 4years but will still only poo in a pull-up at night - you have given me hope!

MrsBobDylan Sun 14-May-17 11:38:34

Thank you for your lovely replies!He repaid my joy with two poo's in pants yesterday grin. I think it's because he doesn't have school at the weekend so couldn't apply his new skill in a different format. Like most children with ASD, pattern and timetable are central to his existence!

Anyway, we are still a house of hope(!) and I honestly never thought we'd get this far.

Thanks again for celebrating with me.

youarenotkiddingme Sun 14-May-17 11:46:27


And well done for not giving up.

PirateJonesarr Sun 14-May-17 13:54:28


HollyJollyDillydolly Tue 23-May-17 09:22:02

That's great news!
My dd will be 4 this week, diagnosed asd and still not toilet trained, no interest or understanding at all. She's non-verbal so that won't be helping.
Encouraging to read there's hope yet smile

imjessie Wed 24-May-17 19:12:13

My son has global delay and is 5 , we cracked wee last summer but poo evades us , only doing it in a nappy . He has total control and after a lot of reading I found a lady who got her some to poo on the toilet in a nappy, so this is what we do . Everything is the same except the nappy is in the way , I'm hoping at some point he will just give in and do it without but for now it's better than dirty pants .

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