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Private developmental paediatrician recommendations?

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WithNailandI Thu 11-May-17 06:49:38

DS4 has speech delay of 2 years and is also developmentally delayed in all areas. He is on the waiting list for community paed but time is ticking and I understand medical advice would be beneficial before he starts school. Can anyone recommend a private paed who specialises in development? Live in Bucks but happy to travel to surrounding areas for the right paed. Thanks in advance.

zzzzz Thu 11-May-17 08:23:45

I would just wait. School don't need a dx to do their job, in fact they have to act independently of it. They will need to assess his needs and that can be done within school fairly easily as they will have salt and ed psych time booked already. Who told you you needed medical advice to access support in school?

youarenotkiddingme Thu 11-May-17 14:40:33

What information do you have from professionals already? I assume you e seen salt and he attends pre school so they have his developmental early years goals record etc?

I'd arrange to meet school and discuss those things and support needed this side of July - then only go private if you think it would benefit ds after this.

School should meet need - I'd be looking at different schools not private pead if they won't support on the information you have.

Hedgyhoggy Thu 11-May-17 22:21:44

Does he go to nursery? I found the evidence from nursery setting (and he only attended part time) was crucial in securing an assessment by Ed psych and from that a statement. Seen quite a few paediatricians. I find their main purpose is to listen to parents about difficulties and sign post to appropriate services - and they're not always great at doing that. You don't need a diagnosis, provision by the school should be based on the needs of your son

WithNailandI Fri 12-May-17 10:51:29

Thank you. Appreciate the responses. Pre-school are very good and supportive. The thing that I'm struggling with is that it seems hard to get access to any support prior to a diagnosis which we can't get before the paediatrician appointment. For example we have had to get an independent SALT involved because despite the significant delay we can't get any more NHS support at the moment because he has already had a few sessions in preschool earlier this year. Can we ask school to access ed psych support now then? Is this done separately or part of EHCP? Can we apply for EHCP now? I was told by the LA early years advisor that we needed to wait until he had had 4 terms of intervention. Sorry for all the questions, but feel like I'm digging in murky waters since this is a very new territory! Many thanks

zzzzz Fri 12-May-17 10:59:30

You can apply when you like.
School can get EP in at any point.
EP and EHCP are not dependent on each other.

youarenotkiddingme Fri 12-May-17 20:37:00

That salt reason seems utter shite. Surely it should be needs based and if he still needs it he should be having it. Usually education settings get given advice on strategies and then NHS salt reviews every 6 months or so.

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