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ABA in Hertfordshire- Now on Herts Local Offer! (they say)

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amunt Mon 08-May-17 22:19:12

Don't get too excited, but it's published on their site and it's worth pursuing.

After winning ABA at Tribunal I wrote to Herts that, as they conceded in court that DS s progress was mostly down to ABA, it should be available on the Local Offer. Although they are legally obliged to publish letters and a response, I had to write to DfE before they would answer.

Since Friday VB/ABA is on their Local Offer page, which is massive given their general awfulness and the way they have fought tooth and nail against any family who dared to request some form of ABA teaching. I have my suspicions about the deliverability, but I would urge anyone interested to use the service request form on the Local Offer page:

I would be very grateful if anyone that does request ABA from the local offer page would pm me with the outcome/response to be sure they are actually delivering on the promise.

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