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Private diagnosis Autism ASD Aspergers

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mrsdarcey78 Sun 07-May-17 12:18:38

Hi I am looking for recommendations, and costs for someone who diagnoses Autism/ASD/Aspergers syndrome please. Can anyone recommend anyone?, my children are 19 15 and 10. Thank you.

zzzzz Sun 07-May-17 16:39:50

Free on the NHS. I would imagine the combined cost of the individual assessments privately plus the cost of the paediatrician. Do you need all three assessed? How urgent is it? Where have they been educated to date, because many of the assessments may already have been done.

I'm curious as to why you have got this far and then decided on this path?

tartanterror Sun 07-May-17 21:08:55

We have used the private route for some things, but I would say that an NHS diagnosis is probably more useful than a private one as it is more readily accepted. I say that as it is not exactly like an NHS diagnosis is some amazing passport to help/support! The process is a bit slow and painful but we have found it best to go with an NHS diagnosis and an LA school, saving our spare cash to spend on support/therapy/activities etc for enrichment.

However are you in a particular hurry due to looming exams or uni? You are probably best sticking to the national centres which have a better chance of recognition than some independent private practitioner.

The NAS have a diagnostic provision here

Or if you think they are more of a PDA presentation you should look here

good luck

Ook1970 Fri 12-May-17 20:52:55

SPectrum north west. All NHS clinicians working privately and can work out what's ADHD versus ASD and pda.

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